The mobile Kamet Express concrete mixing plant: high-tech and maximum power

Tue 21 Dec 2021 08:51:00 AM EET

The largest investment in the Finnish forest industry utilizes the high-tech and maximum power of the Steel-Kamet’s Express concrete mixing plant.

The mobility of the modular Kamet Express concrete mixing plants is in a class of its own: assembly and disassembly take place in one day. Yet reliability, efficiency and year-round usability are not compromised - on the contrary.

Today, the industrial and infrastructure construction projects require very significant amounts of ready-mixed concrete momentarily - an easy-to-move, high-capacity concrete mixing plant close to the construction site is a good solution. A recent example is the bioproduct plant to be built in Kemi, Finland, with an investment value of EUR 1.6 billion, which is the largest investment in the history of the Finnish forest industry. Rudus, the Finnish subsidiary of the global CRH Group, deliver significant quantities of ready-mixed concrete to the plant site. For this project, Steel-Kamet delivered a new, mobile Express plant to Rudus.

- An easily movable and at the same time efficient concrete mixing plant precisely serves such projects where there is a large momentary need for ready-mixed concrete and the capacity of a fixed concrete mixing plant might not be enough for it, says Taito Leppänen, Rudus' Sales Director for concrete in Northern Finland.

- This concrete mixing plant will serve our ready-mixed concrete customers in Northern Finland. That is why the reliability and mobility of the plant, even in the harsh winter conditions, is important to us, Taito Leppänen adds.

The new plant has a production capacity of 100m3 of concrete per hour.

- It is much more than in mobile concrete mixing plants in general - in fact, even more than our fixed concrete mixing plant in Kemi, Leppänen says.