The installation of the Lujabetong Ab concrete mixing plant was successfully completed in Stockholm

Tue 08 Jan 2019 01:02:00 PM EET

With the new high capacity and modern concrete mixing plant delivered by Steel-Kamet Oy, Lujabetong will strengthen its position in the concrete market in Stockholm. Equipped with large aggregate storages and an efficient mixer, this powerful plant is more than twice as effective as Lujabetong Ab's existing plants in Stockholm.

The concrete mixing plant, supplied by Steel-Kamet, can produce more than 120 cubic meters of concrete per hour, enabling better customer service and participation in larger projects.

The opening ceremony of the new Lujabetong Ab plant was celebrated on 14 November 2018

Daniel Jonsson, CEO of Lujabetong, is very pleased with the new concrete mixing plant. Together with Sakari Petsalo, who is responsible for Lujabetoni’s operations in Sweden, they are praising the brand-new plant; The most beautiful and effective that exists.